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Digital Fluency for the Business of Sports

Since digital is the only growth market there is, digital fluency is the only way to distinguish your organization and careers over those of competitors.

Yet, across all industries 70 percent of transformation efforts fail as a result of a lack of digital fluency.

“In the years ahead, digital fluency will become a prerequisite for obtaining jobs, participating meaningfully in society, and learning throughout a lifetime.’

- Mitchel Resnick, Author, ‘Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age ‘

SB1sport delivers Advisory and Strategy services for sports organizations to accelerate its digital transformation agenda in a manner that embeds digital fluency in its people, AND

Knowledge programs that build digital fluency of sports business leaders, professionals and agents of change.  This industry-specific training is available onsite for organizations and on-demand for all.


Digital Fluency in Business of Sports definition (my unofficial definition); “Understanding, and remaining current, in the digitally-enabled strategic, operational and technological choices available in any context to self-select, or appreciate, the best course of direction to maximize fan engagement benefits cognizant of present or emerging disruptive forces acting upon the organization or situation.”

- Stephen Bourke, SB1sport Founder and Advisor

SB1sport has its foundations in Stephen Bourke’s acclaimed digital transformation for sports business curricula which has created digitally fluent professionals across the world, including amongst sports most recognizable rights holders.


"Stephen Bourke is one of my favorite sports industry powerhouses. He is a thought leader par excellence who has his pulse on both the industry he serves and the world at large. He is great at not only finding whatever discontinuities exist -- where the sports industry lags after the world or vice versa -- but also, at least for the sports industry, he is great at resolving them."

- Paul Greenberg, Author 'Commonwealth of Self Interest' & godfather of CRM

SB1sportservices – available independently or as a package -include;

Advisory: Organizations are advised on their current state of digital maturity and establish the priorities for developing and executing their digital transformation program for guaranteed success and optimal benefits.

Strategy: Clients are advised on the most successful digital era strategies in global sport business and apply this winning formula to creating their own vision and strategy. Clients also gain a digital line of sight for the whole organization to execute on their trans-formative agenda.

Knowledge: The ‘Digital Sports Business training package provides organizations and individuals with ultimate access to the best available knowledge of digital transformation for the sports industry. Starting with an 8 x 45 minute video training series, digitally fluent alumni join a community that enjoys ongoing networking, exclusive content and the entire original four-module digital transformation for sports business curriculum.

SB1sport tailors solutions based on digital fluency principles, which includes the following;

  • Business Case For Digital Transformation: Statistics from across industries showcase the benefits available from successfully executing digital transformation and how this creates competitive advantage over laggards.
  • Why Sport Is So Disrupted And How This Changes Business Models: An explanation of disruptive influences that act on the business of sports and how they force organizations in the industry to adapt.


  • Leadership and Agents of Change: Leadership’s direction and sponsorship is fundamental to success of trans-formative programs. Leadership is also different from analogue times. Formal leadership doesn’t get involved until the latter stages of transformation, so it is agents of change that take it upon themselves to develop initial momentum.


  • Developing A Purpose For The Digital Age: A digital-era strategy (not digital strategy’) is needed before all other decisions. Since sport is no longer in competition with itself and modern fans seek a higher purpose to their belonging this is a challenging proposition.


  • New Operating Models For Sports Business: Delivering on the goals of enterprise strategy requires operating model(s) selection most appropriate to business requirements and the adjustment of organization charts and operational processes accordingly.


  • Digital Transformation Program Execution: SB1sport’s exclusive ‘Digital Line of Sight’ model aligns functions to achieve enterprise strategy. This includes digital marketing, content narrative, social media, people capabilities, data and analytics, and technology investment.


  • Drivers And Barriers To Achieving Digital Maturity: Pursuing the best, and navigating the worst, practices of digital transformation allows organizations to avoid becoming part of the 70 percent of trans-formative efforts that fail.


  • Assessing Digital Maturity And Transformational Priorities: Understanding strengths and weaknesses of trans-formative readiness – based on SB1sport’s ‘Ten Digital Era Responsibilities’ model – allows organizations to select priorities to move the needle most.


  • Digital Revenues: Unlocking direct and indirect digital revenues such as digital retail, e-commerce, sponsorship and advertising, requires strategic decision making, technology investment and internal collaboration.


  • Digital Marketing: Understanding and selecting the most appropriate digital marketing model enables sports organizations to frame decision-making for marketing technology investment, analytics requirements and people capabilities.


  • Innovation: The value of innovation for fan engagement and competitive advantage is too important to be left to chance. Innovative sports organizations follow a formula to determine the best ideas to pursue and a culture that supports achieving them.


  • Actionable Insights: Digitally mature organizations use real-time analytics for decision-making and personal interactions. Achieving data mastery is challenging and requires an understanding of what high performers do over-and-above the analytics plan itself.


  • Innovation, Technology And The Fan Journey: Technology is the area of highest financial and operational risk so a technology road map and governance framework connected to enterprise strategy is needed to align priorities, and avoid duplication and redundancy.


  • Esports As A Competitor & Opportunity: Understanding strategies and objectives for esports entry offers a clear understanding of available options since esports is uniquely a competitor and opportunity for the business of sports.